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Rod Breaks

My favorite way to break a rod is to be stepping on the line while practicing lawn casting; snaps it right in two and is real quick and easy. I just learned how to do that last year just as I was getting pretty good distance for a novice.  It was a real shock! I felt very sad and downhearted....

I guess it is my favorite method because I at least was able to figure out how I did it; but the next day I snapped a second rod and I have no idea what I did wrong but at least it was another clean break and the good news is I get to reuse the hardware.

To tell the truth I haven’t been out practicing since then; you folks know the reasons why I'm sure: It's been too rainy, or too cold and windy, or I got too much to do in the garden or garage, Dr. appointments,  etc. but I can guarantee you the sun will be out next week in the northeast and I plan to try again.

Bottom line? Rod breaks are heart breaks.  (Dick Steinbach)

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