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Here are some pictures and/or drawings of measuring devices from various makers.  If the name of the submitter is underlined, you can go to the submitter’s web site.  If you click on the picture of the measuring device you will go to a page that will give more explanation of the measuring device.


John Bokstrom’s Strip Measurer
(Thanks to Patrick Coffey)


Ron Grantham’s Depth Gage
(Thanks to Patrick Coffey)




Tony Spezio’s Depth Gage


Ron Larsen’s Measuring Tools
(click photos for larger sizes)



For years I've used a modified thread mic to measure strips.  I replaced the original anvil with a new one with a 60 V-groove and adjusted the micrometer sleeve with a series of gage pins.  The photos show the mic with the original anvil and the replacement anvil. The replacement worked well enough, but I've always felt the bearing surface was too small.





I tried Waara blocks but found them too rigid.   I like having the anvil swivel, so I made a slip-on attachment for my micrometer.  The prototype is brass with a brass spacer.  I found it's easier to make the anvil short and adjust the distance with a shim spacer.  I made another set from stainless.





The anvil on the digital gage also swivels.  The gage body is made from a couple micrometer holders and brass spacers.  The indicator has a preset function, so I use a gage pin to zero it.



I use a height gage to measure the height of the bamboo strip off the planing form.  This lets me know how far I have to go and, since I use a grooved plane, it lets me know if the strip is constant.  The Alina gage is perfect for this application, you twist the knob at the top to zero the gage.

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