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Extreme Rodmaking

Welcome to the highly anticipated “Extreme Rodmaking” section of the site.  This portion of the web site is dedicated to the more “interesting” methods of making rods.  Beware!  If you use any of these methods for building bamboo rods, you may be sent up to Bob Nunley’s shop to see if you need to be considered for inclusion in the “Why did I do that?” club.  After all, this portion of the site is officially sponsored by Bob Nunley and his great book “Extreme Flyfishing!”   Let the fun begin.

Now, what would this portion of the site be, if the sponsor and really the inspiration of this portion of the site didn’t get one of his stories at the beginning of the site.

Rod Impregnation - The Nunley Way

Here is a classic that we had a lot of fun with toward the end of April, 2002.

Tip Top Meets the Butt (Pete Van Schaack)

In March of 2002, Jeff Schaeffer solicited entries for an April Fools Rodmaking Contest.  Here are the entries:

Remember to Double-check those Measurements
(Jeff Schaeffer)

Parabolics and Nodeless Don’t Mix (Adam Vigil)

Matched Rod Delamination (Ralph Moon)

Hey, did I mention slicing my fingers to the bone planing with a dull blade?? (Ralph Moon)

I Built a Bomb in My Basement!  (Brian Creek)

Varnished Butt Section....The Whole Section (Ray Gould)

Black Lab Blank Retriever (Larry Blan)

“Bird Cage” Blank (Tony Young)

Shirt Sleeve Butt (AJ Thramer)

Matched “7 1/2” Foot Rods (AJ Thramer)

Is Bamboo REALLY Stronger than Gr******?  (Rex Tutor)

Nunley-ism (Harry Boyd)

My Turn (John Channer)

Things that make you say "Aw...Crap!"  (Mark Wendt)

The Ultimate Disaster, Well Almost (Jeff Schaeffer)

How I Became Bob Nunley (Dave Alexander)

Nunley, the Explanation (Darrol Groth)

Backward Blades (Nunleyism)  (Harry Boyd)

Stuff Happens (Onis Cogburn)

Nunleyed Myself (Terry Kirkpatrick)

Right of Passage (Terry Kirkpatrick)

Sharpening Wheel Problems (Harry Boyd)

Anything that can go wrong....did! (Jeff Schaeffer)

I finally did it! (Mike Lajoie)

The Gloppy Butt or How I Didn’t have to Turp My Kitty (Joe West)

Ferrule Projectile (Jeff Schaeffer)

Tip Problems (Harry Boyd)

Where NOT to use Super Glue (Harry Boyd)

Add me to Extreme Rodmaking (Steve Trauthwein)

Add me to the List (Scott Grady)

Almost Put an Eye Out! (Pete Van Schaack)

Lesson Learned - Grips (Phil Smith)

Gotta Respect that Drill Press (Steve Trauthwein)

Nice, Smooth Shop Floor (Scott Grady)

Careful Where You Straighten Strips (Pete Van Schaack)

Tonight’s Disaster (Jeff Schaeffer)

Shop Safety..or..Listen to Your Wife (Jeff Fultz)

Nunley’d Myself - Again (Terry Kirkpatrick)

Dumb Mistakes (Steve Shelton)

Nunley - Dethroned (Jeff Schaeffer)

Medical Breakthrough (Mike Shay)

Bad Day - Short Tips (Keith Temple)

Power Tool “Safety” (Carey Mitchell)

Binders & Mishaps!  (Paul McRoberts)

New lesson learned!!  (Paul McRoberts)

Rod Breaks   (Dick Steinbach)

Broken Rod   (Peter McKean)

I Never Make a Mistake!  (Joe Arguello)

Dumb Event of the Summer  (Jeff Schaeffer)

11 Stitches Later...  (Louis DeVos)

Machines  (Tom Key)

My New Stitches  (Bill Felter)

New Problem  (Carey Mitchell)

So who is this Nunley guy?  (Steve Shelton)

Not Nunley but . . . (Ed Berg)

Mortising reel seats - an alternative...  (Mike Shay)

First Blood (Matt Fuller)

Whoops!!  (Bill Walsh)

April Fool’s Day and Extreme Rodmaking (Jeff Schaeffer, etal)

Mortising Reel Seats - An Alternative (Mike Shay, etal)

Ouch! (Dan Zimmerlin, etal)

It Won’t Happen to Me! (Mark Evans)

Nunley Award Clarification (Paul Gruver, etal)

Earned My Nunley Award (Jeff Hatton, etal)

Is There Something Wrong with Me? (Kris Fox, etal)

Need to Make a Sacrifice (Scott Grady, etal)

Barbless Snake Guides (Paul McRoberts, etal)

Taped Fingertips??

Things you shouldn't do...


Cutting Rod Tubes

It Hit the Fan


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