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Dip/Drip Tubes

Here are some pictures and/or drawings of drip tubes from various makers.  If the name of the submitter is underlined, you can go to the submitter’s web site.  If you click on the picture of the drip tubes, you will go to a page that will give more explanation of the drip tube.



     Larry Blan’s Dip Tube Volume Calculation Spreadsheet




Larry Blan Dip Tube Motor


Ian Kearney


Brian Smith Drip Tube


Bob Marbert Drip Tube





Andrew Chan Drip Tube






Mike Brooks Dip Tube




Jerry Snider’s Tilting Drip Tube




Tony Spezio’s Drain Tube Guides





Ron Larsen’s Drain Tube






Frank Stetzer’s Low Volume Dip Tube



No, that’s not my scepter!  It’s my low volume dip tube.  If you only build a few rods a year, you end up discarding a lot of expensive varnish that goes bad before it gets used up.  It may take a gallon of varnish to fill a regular sized dip tube.

My tube is a 5 foot length of 1/2 inch copper pipe.  the top half is squeezed into an oval with a vise and an empty shellac can is soldered onto the top for a reservoir.  It only takes 18 ounces of varnish to fill it and I can dip just about any size rod with the guides on.

The only thing that matters in a dip tube is the point where the rods leaves the varnish.  I understand that archers use a similar gizmo for painting arrows in a skinny tube.


Don Schneider’s Dip Tube and Drying Cabinet


Dip Tube With Hair Dryer. There is a deflection plate inside the large tube so that the hair dryer doesn't blow directly on the varnish tube. Hole in the bottom of the large tube allow the air to get out.


Dip Tube, pulling drive. Combination of pulleys and diameter of shaft gets from 1"/minute to 4"/minute. Use it on 1"/minute most of the time. Don't have to pause at guides on the slow speed.


Bottom of drying cabinet. One filter is removed in this view. There are 4 holes in the top of the cabinet but no filters in them.


Insulated Drying cabinet. 10" square x 5' long. Mounted high enough I can walk under it with the door closed. Holds 6 sections. To pull the section into the cabinet, pull one of the strings on the side and tie off on one of the cleats. Regulate the heat with dimmer switch on bulb. If you look close, there is a thermometer near the top on the right hand side, (brass dash).


Dust Filters


Dip Tube drive and cap. Cap has two "O" rings top & bottom. 1/16" hole through cap so when you push the cap down air inside the tube escapes.

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