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Bad Day - Short Tips

Novice rodmaker here.

A family member recently expressed an interest in fishing the Sierras this fall and since he offered his land yacht when I mentioned I was building a rod we talked about (last year), I decided I should get on it.

Well, after getting the butt and tip sections straight - kind of - I went about the business of cutting sections to length, checking for taper, etc.   And so, being a distracted fool who is attempting to build a rod, look for a job, look again for a job, and remember the trash and last month's clippings need to go out for Tuesday, I cut the tip butts for the male ferrule.   And of course measured and fitted the tiptops simultaneously.  Silly me.  So now I have a perfect to length butt and two 44 3/8" tips for a now  seriously modified Payne 101. 

The kick me here sign is back in a prominent place on my bench with another notch in it.

He may not notice, but I sure do.  Think this one will go out without a signature, even though is gratis to Pat, if at all. 

Think it would still land fish on the Owens or Crowley?  (Keith Temple)

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