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Backward Blades (Nunleyism)

A few years back someone gave me an old piece of a bandsaw with the proviso: "It doesn't have a blade.  You'll have to get one and install it yourself."

I bought a blade, and read two books on how to tune a bandsaw.  I worked an entire afternoon getting it in good shape and immediately set out to saw up some beautiful cherry burl for reel seat inserts.  No matter what I did, that bandsaw burned that cherry.  My whole shop was filled with smoke.  I was choking on the thick cherry smoke.  Every piece of cherry was black as the ace of spades when I finished.

Weeks later, a wood worker friend was by the shop.  I described my problem and he took one look at the bandsaw  and said -- "Well,  it  would  work  a  lot  better  if  the  blade  wasn't on upside-down.  The teeth should point down, not up."  Needless to say, he was right.

Just this afternoon I dropped the razor blade I was using to trim some wraps.  Reached for it in a hurry, and sliced the end of my middle finger half off.  Wrapping guides is tough with a Band-Aid on your right hand.  (Harry Boyd)

    Harry Nunley?  (Bret Reiter)

    You wouldn't even believe the amount of times guys at work (often the same ones) install a chainsaw chain backwards.  It really gets you to wondering about people until something like that happens to you!  he he  (Carl DiNardo)

    About 10 or 12 years ago I installed a central vacuum system in my house.  The tough part is figuring out where to run your pipe. Drilling holes, fitting was, I thought, the easy part.  I spent about 10 minutes trying to bore the first hole in a stud wall.  Wasn't getting anywhere, so removed the Forstner bit and sharpened the cutting edges.  Tried again, but still wasn't making any progress.  Took me a few more minutes to realize I was running the drill in reverse.  (Ted Knott)

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