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2004 - SRG - Lowell Davis etal

Here are some photos from the 2004 Southern Rodmakers Gathering taken by Lowell Davis and others.

Arriving at Fulton’s Lodge

The other lodging at Fulton’s

Visiting during a break

White River in front of the lodge

Ken Cole casting with instruction from Steve Trauthwein

The gathering area

Harry Boyd welcoming everyone

Lowell Davis with announcements

The group listening to Harry & Lowell

Ken Cole checking out the rod rack

Wow! Look at all those rods

Mark Cole & Al Medved

Art Port, Mike Hawkins & Kristen Port

Tony Spezio doing his reel seat demo

Scott Grady, David Chin, Harry Boyd & John Roboski

Alan Kube making ferrules on his lathe

The group listening to Alan

Checking out the rod rack

Ted and Jo Knott (from Canada) & Frank Paul

Bret Reiter demonstrating brush varnishing

Lunch Time!

Looks like everyone is enjoying lunch

Bonnie Preusch & Cathy Thomason relaxing

Brian Justiss, Tom Peters, Jim Hatfield & Paul Craig

Jeff Hatton and his Classic Rod Rack

Jeff Hatton informing us about his collection

Jeff again

Jeff trying one of his classic rods on the White River

Tim Preusch, Lee Koch, Bret Reiter, Nick Kingston (from Australia) & Mark Wendt enjoying Mark’s home brew

Eileen & Harold Demarest in front and Greg Peters, Doug Peters in back

Jim Hatfield & Tony Spezio demonstrating Tony’s power beveler

Mike Brooks, Bill Walters & Barry Bauer doing some casting

Jeff Hatton, Al Medved with Tootsie & Harold Demarest

Auction Items

More Auction Items

The “Got Grits?” Gang

Rodmaker of the Year “Todd Talsma” with Rick Crenshaw presenter

Saturday night on the front porch

No, this is Charlie! with Mark Wendt, Harold Demarest, Eileen Demarest saying it’s about time you got here!

The whole gang with the White River in the background

Norfork Dam

Norfork River in front of Quarry Park

Typical (?) day at the Boat Ramp in Quarry Park

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