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Christmas missive to you who are a big part of my life, many of whom I've never met but still call friends.  I usually allow myself this one little slip into ministerial mode during the year, and most who don't enjoy or appreciate these words are kind enough not to say so.  Thank you for your patience and indulgence.

But this Holiday season has been especially hectic with 22 straight nights of functions which took me away  from home and kept me out of the shop till the wee hours.  I told myself at the start of Advent that I would not allow myself to become grumpy and cynical, or to feel put upon by all the obligations and duties of my calling.  And I did okay till this week, when the call came about the young man (38 yrs.) dying with a fast growing, malignant cancer.  He died Thursday, and the memorial service will be next Wednesday.  And like many of you, as the supposed climax of the season approaches, I find myself tired, bone tired. 

Then tonight, at our Christmas Eve Vespers Service, a good friend dropped a note in my hand, a note which says:

"Life can be tiring and frustrating at times!  Come to me when you are worn down -- stressed out with circumstances and burdens that are weighing you down.  I will give you rest!

Love, Your God of Peace and Rest"

So tonight, to any of you who are tired and frustrated, I wish you peace and rest.  May God's greatest blessings be yours at this season and throughout the year to come.

Yours, Reverend Doctor Harry Boyd, Jr.


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