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Tonight's disaster was a lot of fun. I glued the reel seat and handle on a PY Midge butt section, and mounted the female ferrule. A couple hours later I noticed that the butt section seemed a bit long. 40 3/4 inches to be exact which was way more than the 37 1/2 it was supposed to be. Yep, forgot to trim that section to length. The night before I had cut three rods, except I had been interrupted during the Young rod, stopped working, and had forgotten that the butt still needed trimming. One solution was to cut the ferrule off, shorten the section there, and remount the female ferrule. I checked to see how badly that would screw up the taper, and lo and behold the new shorter section was right on the money. I must have forgotten to trim BOTH ends of the blank, or made a mistake with the length of the leeway on each end.

And the fact that the taper is relatively straight just below the ferrule probably helped as well.

You rarely get out of these this easily, so I am living right. And it is so much fun sharing disasters.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

    The spirits of your ancestors will punish you for such arrogance. Thinking you did something right, oh you will pay.  (Rich Jezioro)

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