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How my day started - Weather is cold this morning, from rain last night at hin layer of ice covering just about everything.  Head out the door at 6:30 am two piece 3 wt in hand (no tube or rod sack) slipped on the top step of my porch, eight steps in all, somewhere in the fall tip gets broken above the top guide, somewhere around fifth bounce I feel a sharp stabbing pain in left butt cheek. After the falling stopped grabbed the butt to find blood and a sharp object.  Many curses later the wife is at the top step, asks if I'm OK, said yes, but the butt pain is excruciating.

I hobble back into the house and she takes a look and sees a little metal ring poking out of my butt cheek, I see missing from the fly  rod, the tiptop. After she realizes what it is and stops laughing and making jokes says she better take me to the ER.

I get to the ER the triage nurse asks what's wrong? I reply, I have a piece of a flyrod stuck in my ass! Coffee comes out her nose in laughter. The doctor takes a look and chuckles. X-rays are taken to check for damage. I explained what happened, now he has to show my ass to the new group of residents that just punched in, about ten of them, luckily I'm able to laugh about this.

Doc pulls the 4" tip piece from my butt cheek and throws in the garbage. I say, "I need that to fix the rod", he hands it to me shaking his head. Couple of stitches and I'm on my way home.

Now I need some scarfing advice!  (Peter Van Schaack)

    You working on trying to catch up to Nunley?  It will take more than that!  I know that it hurt, but your pride was probably damaged the most of all.  Hope you heal fast!  (Dick Fuhrman)

      I wonder if every time you hook fish on the rod you'll get shooting pain in your back side (a little voodoo)?  (Bob Williams)

    I'm proud that you remained calm enough to realize that you needed that broken section to repair the rod... there ARE priorities in life, ya know! Welcome to EXTREME RODMAKING!!! Maybe ESPN will do a special on us one day! LOL Oh, and thanks for the laugh... I really needed it today!  (Bob Nunley)

    You're never going to hear the end of this Peter. It could turn out to be a real cain in the ass. (Jim Harris)

    See what happens when you use a rod with a line weight too light for the situation.  Thanks for sharing this, great humor for a Friday afternoon.   Not sure where you  are  located,  but  the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide sponsors an annual broken rod contest and this sounds like a winner to me.  (Bob Williams)

    Which parts do you need the scarfing advice on? I've heard of rods that were a pain in the you know where but this one takes the cake. Heal fast and get back out there fishing!  (Don Schneider)

      Never scarfed a rod before. I lost a few slivers in the tip removal procedure, is that going to matter?  (Peter Van Schaack)

    What do you think Peter?  Want to be know as "Tip in the butt Dutchman" from now on?  (Todd Talsma)

      TITBD for short, I've got to say the comments are making me laugh and my @#$ hurt!  LMAIP (Laughing My Ass In Pain!) You need to add a "Bloopers" section to the rodmaking tips page.

      I've got along away to go to catch up to Nunley and others in rodmaking blunders, but I'll keep trying to catch up!

      Anyway I was planning on fishing tomorrow, neoprene might just be too tight!  (Peter Van Schaack)

        In the immortal words of Johnny Cochran (kind of) "If the tip don't fit, you must re-split."  (Robert Cristant)

    You and Bob Nunley are twins separated at birth right?  (Tony Young)

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