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I had chosen a taper from Bob Milward's book. It was a 8' 4 wt that had been derived from a para 15 taper. I knew it was going to be a full flexing parabolic and that was exactly what I wanted for fishing size 22 tricos. I choose an uplocking Venneri box elder slide band reel seat. I choose the best cork. Had red silk and black tipping. Snake brand guides and Tony Larson's ferrules. And it was to be of nodeless construction.

This rod was for me and it was not being given away or sold. I wanted it to be beautiful and serve a specific purpose. Every thing was going fine. I used 2x2 construction and when all was said and done it cast like a dream. It was soft and it flexed into the grip, it had moderate power.  It would be perfect for big fish on small flies, the rod was all that I had wanted. Or so I thought.

I had just put on a second coat of varnish and it was done drying. My nephew and I were lawn casting it and testing for accuracy and tracking. I walked inside the house and he continued casting smiling the whole time until....."CRACK" oh, SHIT" "dude what the hell happened!?" I walked outside only to find that the full flexing rod was not compatible with the nodeless construction. Two of the splices just above the cork were sticking out like the twin towers.

It now sits on my desk in all its glory as a glaring reminder some things just don't mix.  (Adam Vigil)

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