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I think I need to make a sacrifice to the bamboo gods.

Called Snake Brand to see how the group order was going.  Sue said the machine that makes the  snakes was down and was in the process of being fixed.  That was Thursday.

On Saturday it all started with the Medved style beveller getting a strip stuck in the square groove.  It was so tight that the wood block split.  No problem, just make a new one.

Then the Whitehead style beveller broke a spring hold down and got caught in the new cutter.  No problem, just make a new hold down. Went to put the final coat on a customers new rod,  string broke on the pulley system that draws out the sections from the dip tube, varnish on the grip.  No problem, just restring it.

Thought maybe I should get out of the shop before I hurt myself.

Went outside to blow the snow off the driveway, broke the snowblower. That's a problem, we are expecting more snow today.  (Scott Grady)

    Sounds like you were having "one of those days"... maybe you're just getting them all out of the way for the  year...  (Mike St. Clair)

      Ouch! Sounds like the old Morton Salt commercials "when it rains, it pours." That's usually the case with me too so don't feel as if you're alone Scott. Things go great and just when you get comfortable with the situation WHAM Murphys law strikes. It all evens out in the long run.  (Will Price)

    I'm thinking you should just find a chair away from everything and just sit down.  You didn't drive today, did you???  (Todd Talsma)

    Well Scott...

    I'm thinking maybe you did the absolute wrong thing?

    You missed the opportunity to make the blood sacrifice that would have appeased the gods for another year.

    Now they're pissed.

    Get back in the shop and make it happen.  (Mike Shay)

    Sounds to me like you need to go fishing.  Get on the next plane or in the next car headed south where the water is not frozen.  If that brings you near me, gimme a call.  (Harry Boyd)  (where the temp's are in the low 70's today)

      Err... water is supposed to freeze. It is a cold water fishery! Besides, we need the ice to play hockey. We drill holes in it and fish through those. Tough casting then, to be sure, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  (Larry Blan)

        Hey!  Keep that "we" to yourself there Bubba!  Drill holes in the ice and it makes it hard to skate! (Todd Talsma)

    Looks like it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the year!  I thought I heard some yelling from across the lake this weekend, but I didn't realize it was you! ;o)  (Scott Bahn)

    I call days like that "Reverse Midas Touch" days. Those are days when everything I touch turns to what comes out of the south end of a northbound mule.  Hang in there, Scott.  Like what comes out of the mule, it'll pass. (Dennis Haftel)

    I am doing a basement shop renovation. We are at the drywall stage, and there was an annoying cable hanging down and getting in my way. I thought it was a remnant of an old 40 foot antenna, and cut it out of sheer annoyance. It had something to do with the satellite dish, and it was a scant few hours before the super bowl. Luckily a quick trip to the hardware store fixed it.

    You are not alone. It was going around.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

    Relax and have a chair. As my older son says, " --- such stuff happens when we least expect it".  I am sure tomorrow will be better, especially if you get the snow blower working.   (Frank Paul)

    Sounds familar........Working on rod #2 and #3....

    Go to dip for the third and final dip.......finish has RUNS! Been fine till now.

    Get the last dip done......see that I wrote the length wrong on the sig. line.

    Decide to work on #3 for a change of pace.

    Tips go fine....mids go fine.....start the butts and realize Hexrod doesn't show butt swell.

    Go to make new butt strips........only have maybe 4 good strips left.

    Go to heat treat.....oven starts burning on one end of the strips....never done that before!

    Take them to the beveler......angles all wrong....was fine last time I did it.

    Maybe by the end of the week all this will be behind me......time will tell.

    What sacrifice needs to be made? A bloody cut with a sharp butt strip?????  (Barry Janzen)

      Well, you can try the blood sacrifice, but I think you will have better luck sacrificing half a bottle or so of scotch first.  Even if it doesn't help, you'll feel better about it. Caution - consuming half a bottle of scotch may adversely affect the outcome of the blood sacrifice!  (Larry Blan)

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