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I was making a matched pair of 7 1/2 foot 4 wt rods for an executive’s two sons.  He was driving down from Portland International to pick up the rods on the way to guided trip to the Deschutes.  He called first to see if they were ready and they were. BUT I had not put them into their bags and cut the tubes for them, no big deal right? I noticed the the bags seemed a bit over length, oh well sometimes the bag dimensions change a 1/2 inch, let me dig through the 7 1/2 foot 2/2 bag pile. Hmmmm, looking kind of strange, all the bags were the right length. Well, if the bags are the right length then,  OH NO!  YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING! Absolutely correct guys! I had cut the blanks off an inch short in some kind of late night fog and had built a matched set of 7' 4" rods! All ended well though as the boys loved the unusual but easier to handle slightly short rods. As a matter of fact they felt so nice I have even made a few more of them on purpose.  (AJ Thramer)

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