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You experienced rod makers probably know this already, but for the newer, and especially those that live in the South where every room has a ceiling fan whirling away this time of year...

Do not test fit your ferrules with the fan running! It is a lovely reed, but bamboo is not fan blade resistant.  (Larry Lohkamp)

    I've found that interesting. Most "lodges" have ceiling fans and people insist on bringing an assembled rod (of any material) into the room. Good luck. :)

    Even Bass Pro Shops fly shop has ceiling fans, albeit a bit higher than usual. Another caution would be the dropped ceiling tiles (styro or whatever they're made of) they are perfect for catching a tiptop and letting you try to walk past it. Can you say SNAP! (Mike St. Clair)

    You can always flog yourself with the remaining sections.  (Brian Morrow)

    Hard-won lesson #159 . . .  (Steve Yasgur)

    I have a local fly shop that use to have a ceiling fan when they first opened.  The the new Sage rod shipment arrived and everyone was so excited as they gathered around the shipping case and started fitting together and waiving the rods around.  They lost about 20% of their new shipment that day. The next time i was in there there was a big jagged hole in the ceiling where the new proprietor yanked the fan/light from the ceiling.  (Timothy Troester)

    Being a Texan (does that count as being in the south?), I will hew to my boyhood training in the social graces and not ask you how you know!  (Frank Schlicht)

      My oh my.  The level of discourse has risen.  ;-)  You forgot a thither or a hitherto though...  (Mark Wendt)

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