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I had glued it up with Golfsmith, then proceeded to mess up both male ferrules during final fitting. I decided to use my usual repeated heat and ice treatment to get them off and remount a new ferrule set. The female and first male came off OK, but it was taking forever, so I decided to give the second male "just a bit more heat". There was a pop about as loud as a .22, and the male shot off the blank and headed to a corner of the basement filled with glass blanks, rod bags, sofas, and a carpet. So there was a hot piece of metal sitting somewhere in the middle of all this burnable mess, and I had visions of it smoldering away for hours then igniting. Luckily I found it on the concrete floor where it had bounced off a sofa more than 20 feet away.

The entire end of the blank looked like it had exploded, power fibers everywhere, or at least what was left of them. And the pieces where I did get the ferrules off looked rather cooked. I think it is time to order a bottle of power bond and get out the pinning setup again. As soon as I make a replacement blank.

Never had a failure with Golfsmith, but the idea of going through that again leaves me cold. There is probably a military application here somewhere.  (Jeff Schaeffer)

    If I had known, I would have shown you a dent in the wall of my shop that happened after I got too aggressive with the heat.  (Ralph Moon)

    Been there, done that! Only difference was that we had the rod outdoors (thank goodness!) and, though it didn't damage the picture window on the house across the street, it did disappear in that direction. We never did find it. The fellows who were working on the house next door came over to ask what we'd just "shot at?"! And this in the environs of NYC!!!!

    Just be glad you didn't get a ricochet!  (Art Port)

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