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A few of months ago I earned my Nunley award and it was a painful one at that.

I stepped on a strip of bamboo laying on the concrete floor and my foot and leg decided to go west as I was going north and I will be darned if I didn’t proceeded to pull my left groin  muscle. I hobbled around for about 5 weeks before it started to get better so please keep your shop floors clean as I would not want anybody to go through that experience. It really was a no fun thing. (Jeff Hatton)

    It don't qualify for a "True Nunley™" unless there's an ER visit involved.  You only merit a "Minor Nunley™."  (Mark Wendt)

      My wife is an ER Nurse. If she comes running to my assistance, does it count as an ER visit?  (Ray Wallace)

        The real test will be if you can get your health insurance to pay her.  (Greg Kuntz)

        The jury's still out on that one.  (Mark Wendt)

          A couple of years ago when I was first starting I decided to make my own planing forms. I was changing bits in my drill which was still plugged in.

          No I didn't drill my self but I did get my finger mashed between the chuck and the key which was in the chuck. The hand that was balancing the body of the drill accidentally touched the trigger and the key turned and the mashed finger was nearly ripped off; It took nine stitches. The ripped flesh was pulled down like a stocking almost completely around the finger revealing tendons and bone.

          I never did finish the forms. When I came home from the ER I became a happy owner of a MHM and never looked back (but I have been too embarrassed to mention the accident until now) That one took a year to completely heal.   (Dick Steinbach)

            Now that one counts as a "True Nunley™".  (Mark Wendt)

        "True Nunley ™"

        I dig the "TM" thing...nicely done.

        However, I don't think that having to go to the ER is necessarily required. One SHOULD be able to find whatever you need to repair the damage on your bench. In fact, perhaps the damage done should be self healing. Such as slicing your finger open while trying to cut off the top of the superglue tube. The tube spews glue onto the cut and instantly heals it? Burning one's palm and fingers with boiling hot varnish only to find the varnish sealed and healed the burn?

        Now sitting or falling on a butt section and having it inserted several inches into ones posterior would be hard to self heal unless there was also a band-aide impaled on the butt section at the same time, it's why my rods have this, funny little band-aide thing, stuck on every rod. It really doesn't interfere with casting much and you just never know. I believe it's also why a guide is placed just below the female ferrule. The guide is a safety and prevents the section from going TOO far into the posterior.

        You learn SO much from the list.  (Mike Shay)

          Umm, it was the tip section, tip top broke off...(Pete Van Schaack)

            My apologies Peter...

            I'll remove the band-aide from the butt sections from now on. LOL (Mike Shay)

              No problem Mike, just wanted to get the band aide dispenser in the correct place! :)  (Pete Van Schaack)

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