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I had a blank that I ferruled and wrapped quickly to test cast. Out into the back yard I went. I had recently won an argument with my cable provider concerning the route the cable took to reach the house, so this was also my first opportunity to cast in the back yard without an overhead cable. Since most of my casting is within 30' or so (ok, that’s as far as I can cast) I started trying to throw the entire line. I was met with unparalleled success... The tip separated from the male ferrule, I had neglected one small item - the glue. If only my casts went as far as that tip, it sailed into my neighbors back yard. The Black Lab that calls the back yard home promptly "retrieved" it for me, with only a bit of chewing before giving it back. He seemed rather put off that I wouldn't throw the stick for him again.  (Larry Blan)

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