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Here are some pictures and/or drawings of Morgan Hand Mill accessories from various makers.  If the name of the submitter is underlined, you can go to the submitter’s web site.


David Ray’s Holddown

David Ray’s Holddown


Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp

Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp 01

Some of us who use the MHM have had problems from time to time with the bamboo splitting when we have tried to screw the strip to the anvil and I have worked out what may be a new solution to the problem

It consists of a rectangular clamp with a 60 degree mortised bottom which both holds down the strip and squeezes the splits together at the same time. (Of course for quads it would be a 45 degree mortise etc.) It has the advantage of being able to be moved up and down the anvil as needed and fits under the mill easily. It has considerable clamping power and so far in early testing the prototype works like a charm. It uses the screw-down system which Tom recommends and fits between the screw head and the anvil. Ordinarily the screw could continue opening the split rendering it useless but with the STRIP GRIP the more you tighten the screw because of the pressure created on the sides of the slope, the more the split tightens up and corrects itself.

The steel one shown here measures 1/2" x 1/2" x 1 1/2" and the grove is 1/4" deep, but 5/16th would be better.  I cut my steel to length and scored a line down one side with a hack saw. I clamped a three cornered file (60 degree) in the vise and ran the grove up and down the slot parallel to the edges for several hours until the desire depth was reached. Kind of takes you back to the days of making a planing form by hand.

A 1/4" longer screw than the one provided with the mill definitely improves its efficiency and clamping power.

Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp 02

Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp 03

Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp 04

Dick Steinbach’s MHM Clamp 05


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