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I am Paul Blakley, aged 52 and live in Stockton on Tees in the UK.  Married with two children, two dogs (and two cars).

I have been list member almost since it started and have been making rods for some twenty plus years. 

I am metallurgist by profession but now waste my time (working .........) decommissioning nuclear power stations.

In a good year I can make four cane rods but usually make one or two and refinish another half dozen.

I started rod making after meeting the now deceased Reg Brandreth (Derbyshire rod maker) and getting a copy of Cattanach’s book without which I don't think I would have made it .

The list has given me several excellent internet contacts over the years and some good friends from across the pond. If there are any readers of this based in the UK who I don't know ,please see this as an invitation to contact me.

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