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I am a newbie, working on rod #4, so still trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. I have been flyfishing on & off for 35 years, but just started fishing cane last summer after completing my first rod, a 7-foot 2 inch, 2 pc, 4 wt (was supposed to be 7 feet) with bamboo ferrules. I was unhappy with the butt section of that rod because of glue lines. My son encouraged me to finish it. So when it was done I gave it to him. It's not the prettiest thing, but it casts and fishes well. I kept rod #2, a 7 foot 4 inch 5 wt (was supposed to be 7-1/2 feet :-), also with bamboo ferrules. The last 2 have been 7-1/2 foot 5 wt rods with nickel silver ferrules (made one to give away and one to keep because I really liked the way #3 casts). I'm using the MHM, roughing with a JW beveler and using a Bertram 2 string binder. So far have not tried anything but hex rods and have not done any hollow fluting. Just working out the basics right now and trying to get straight blanks without visible glue lines, getting the wraps right etc. I'm making my own cork grips and reel seat inserts. I'd like to start making ferrules and reel seat hardware this year. For now I get Struble's reel seats and agate strippers, get my tops, ferrules  and snakes from Snake Brand.

I'm a veterinarian by profession. I'll (mostly) retire in a couple of years, so hope to be able to devote more time for building (and fishing) as time goes on. I have learned what I can from books, info on the internet, Power Fibers, The Bamboo Journal, through email and from the list. Hope one day to meet some of you. Thanks to all of you who have given your efforts to respond to my questions.

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