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My name is Joe Arguello I live in Longmont, CO and yes I am still alive and building a limited number of rods and knives, I was trying to figure out when I joined this list and all I could come up with was remembering that when I had my fly shop we used to discuss what was said on 'the list' that was back in 1995 or so! Can't peg it down any closer than that. Anyway I have been on this list most of the time (I have to admit I have left for periods of time) since then and I am really glad to come on here every day, some times I just read and shake my head but............ I built my first rod back in 1991 some time, and still have it! Really don't have much to say that most of you aren't probably tired of hearing anyway. I do love bamboo rods and building them. I have been distracted by trying to make a living like most of you. I have taught several people and continue to help where I can. My latest lesson I am trying to learn is not to just take from the bamboo community but to try to  give  back.  It  takes  practice,  and  I  will  continue  to try................Probably the biggest lesson learned was not to try to make this a business, the lack of competition really frees me up to do what I truly the best rod I can, when I can, for a few people whom really appreciate what I do.

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